Business Chinese Course

Only provide 1-on-1 business Chinese lessons.
from/per lesson RMB100

About This Course

About Business Chinese Course

Being able to speak to your colleagues and clients in their native tongue is a great way to make an immediate impression and will set you well on your way to build up relationship both in your workplace and daily-life.

Our Business Chinese specifically caters for the needs of business people who have to conduct basic communication tasks in Chinese. After completion of this Chinese course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is necessary to survive in most basic business situations, such as polite greetings, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings, talking about new products etc. Moreover you can acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese society and economy to extend your career path.

Course Benefits

Business Chinese Course

1-on-1 tailor-made executive private tutoring lessons.
50 minutes per lesson.
Most flexible option and suited to busy lifestyles.
Focusing solely on your learning requirements.
You can choose from our comprehensive ‘living’ or ‘business’ curriculum.
Quality and experienced teacher selected to best fulfill your Chinese goals.
Flexible schedule and start time.

Start Date

Start date in 2018.

You can join this course on any day. For any inquiries, please contact us by email: info@mandarincapital.net

Tuition Fee (1 on 1)

The price is in RMB, and for one student.

30 lessons 4200 RMB
60 lessons 7800 RMB
90 lessons 10800 RMB
120 lessons 13200 RMB
150 lessons 15000 RMB
more than 150 lessons 100 RMB per lesson