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HSK Preparation Course

Only provide 1-on-1 HSK preparation lessons.

About HSK Exams

The Chinese Proficiency Test

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test used to test the fluency of non-native speakers of Chinese. It is used by all Chinese universities to assess and enroll foreigners, and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign employees.

To find out more details about the HSK test, please visit: http://english.hanban.org/node_8002.htm

Why take it?

Why do people need to take the HSK?

If you want to get your bachelor or master degree in China, you need to pass the HSK level 4 or HSK level 5 test. Many international companies also require employees working in China to pass certain HSK levels with certain scores.

HSK Preparation Course

Our HSK Preparation Program

Mandarin Capital offers tailor-made courses just to prep for the HSK, as it is a specific and special need many students now require. Our "HSK preparation" will enhance your Chinese proficiency in the reading, speaking, reading and writing areas of the test. Presented by our qualified, experienced teachers and tailored to your current Chinese level and future HSK goals, we will help you attain your highest score possible!

We only provide the HSK Preparation Program in a Private Class format. Our teachers will create a Personalized Syllabus according to your specific situation.

Course Benefits

HSK Preparation Course

1-on-1 HSK preparation lessons.
50 minutes per lesson.
Focus on your requirements and HSK needs.
Learn all-round Chinese language skills.
Curriculum fully alligned with the HSK test.
Quality, experienced teacher.
Flexible schedule and start time.

Start Date

Start date in 2023.

You can join this course on any day. For any inquiries, please contact us by email: info@mandarincapital.net

Tuition Fee (1 on 1)

The price is in RMB, and for one student.

30 lessons 5100 RMB
60 lessons 9600 RMB