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Private Tutoring Courses

1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made Chinese lessons.

About This Course

Private Tutoring Chinese Courses.

For our private tutoring Chinese course we always make customized teaching plans. Our private tutoring Chinese course can be either 1-on-1 or exclusive group classes with your friends that you find by yourself. Here's the process:

You’ll be given an evaluation by one of our teachers to assess your current Chinese level.
The teaching department then discusses with you about your own personal needs in learning Mandarin. This is based upon your evaluation as well as your own individual goals and requirements.
Based on your personal needs, our teaching staff will work out a personalized learning syllabus based on the amount of courses you have signed up for. After about 15 courses, this syllabus will be re-evaluated according to your actual learning pace and abilities. The timeline for your learning goals can be amended and any other materials added into the curriculum..

This same method can be used whether you are studying in a private one on one class or in a private group class with family and friends. Private group classes are small and since these classes are with people you found by yourself to study with, your level should be very similar. This also works if you need to study specifically for business Chinese, HSK, or any other specialty. We just take that specialty you need and tailor it to your needs.

Course Benefits

Private Tutoring Chinese Courses.

1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made Chinese lessons.
50 minutes per lesson.
Focus on you and your group's requirements.
Flexible schedule and start date.
Cover the most interesting topics for you.
Available for business Chinese, HSK preparation and so on.
Chinese culture and history contents and much more.

Start Date

Start date in 2023.

You can join this course on any day. For any inquiries, please contact us by email: info@mandarincapital.net

Tuition Fee (1-on-1)

The price is in RMB, and for one student.

10 lessons 1800 RMB
30 lessons 4800 RMB
60 lessons 9000 RMB

Tuition Fee (1-on-more)

Private group class with family and friends.

2 Students 6000 RMB (30 lessons)
3 Students 8100 RMB (30 lessons)
4 Students 9600 RMB (30 lessons)
5 Students 10500 RMB (30 lessons)