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General FAQs?

Spring and Autumn are the most pleasant months and last for about two or three months each. There are often showers during this period but the West Lake takes on an almost mystical appearance in the fog. During the Summer, the heat can be unbearably intense. Fortunately, the average temperature in the Summer months is about 29 (85 Fahrenheit) degrees centigrade. Hangzhou's Winters are never absolutely freezing and even in January, which is the coldest month. The average temperature is about 3 degrees centigrade (37 Fahrenheit). However, nearly all places are equipped with air-conditioners.

There are several options for making international phone calls from China. For example, you can use skype by internet, or buy a SIM card in China.

Free Internet access for program participants is provided in all of our accommodation options, teaching centers, bars, cafes and so on.

The nightlife in Hangzhou is thriving. Hangzhou has a variety of clubs, bars, discos, and live music venues around the West Lake area, so it is impossible to become bored. There are a number of local entertainments you can choose such as lakeside tea house, boat trip on West Lake, etc. It is equally entertaining to go out for dinner or to appreciate Chinese Plays.

Any Bank of China offers money exchange service. You can also, upon arrival at the airport, exchange your currency at the airport bank.

Almost all ATMs accept credit card, and more and more shops and restaurants can accept credit card.

Of course you can. Opening an account with the banks is very easy. Just go to bank with your passport.

Mandarin Capital was founded in 2005. It is the first Chinese language school in Hangzhou, and also it is the most well-recognized Chinese language school in Hangzhou, China.

Mandarin Capital located in Hangzhou, Hangzhou is a medium-sized city situated in East China and has a perfect mix of history, culture, nature and modern city life. It is located only about one hour from Shanghai via train.

Our business hours are from 9am to 8:40pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 7pm on weekends. Our specific class times are as follows:

If you are in Hangzhou, you can come to our school directly to sign up. You can also choose the program you are interested in and apply online first and we will get back to you according to your application letter to introduce the program to you. If you are satisfied with our program and decide to register, then we will make a contract for you and you can come to sign up before classes start. Of course, you can also contact us by sending us an email at info@mandarincapital.net or calling us at +86 571 5676 2096 to inquire about the program first.

In order to guarantee a smooth application process, we recommend that students apply two to three months before they plan to arrive in China or they plan to begin their study. However, applications can be submitted anytime before the intended starting date if the student does not require accommodation, although we cannot guarantee there will be a space available. If students need accommodation, applications should be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance.

For students who are already in Hangzhou, we accept both cash and credit cards, which can be any Chinese cards, VISA and MasterCard.

Chinese Class FAQs?

Mandarin Capital offers General Chinese, HSK preparation, Business Chinese, Chinese Characters, Academic Semester Chinese Programs and Degree Programs. Please visit Courses Page for details.

In Mandarin Capital Hangzhou Center, the group class size is from 2 to 5 students. In Lin'an Campus, the average group class size is around 15 students.

Before joining our classes or beginning private one-to-one lessons, Mandarin Capital teaching diretor will give you a professional assessment. Based on this assessment, you will be placed into the most appropriate class.

Teachers at Mandairn Capital are suggested to teach in Chinese, as this way will help students adapt to Chinese language context. However, they are capable of speaking English or other languages, like Russian, Japanese and so on.