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Why Mandarin Capital

Mandarin Capital was and is the most well-recognized Chinese language school in Hangzhou, China.

Why Learn Chinese with Mandarin Capital?

Mandarin Capital

Founded in 2005, Mandarin Capital was and is the most well-recognized Chinese language schoolin Hangzhou, China. and it has been the best choice for many students who want to learn Chinese in China.

Over 7000+ students from 60+ countries already choose Mandarin Capital to study Chinese and Chinese culture. As the only professional and modern Chinese school in Hangzhou, Mandarin Capital provides students varies of Chinese courses which provide students opportunities to improve chinese.

Teachers in Mandarin Capital are well-trained and have more than 3000 lessons’ teaching experience. Courses in Mandarin Capital are to help different kinds of Mandarin learners to learn as much as they can in their possible time.

Learning Chinese in China not only provide learners a perfect language environment, but also give learners a best chance to get immersed in Chinese culture. Comparing with other big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, studying Chinese in Hangzhou would provide learners a better entre to feel the traditional Chinese culture.

In order to meet the needs from different students, Mandarin Capital provides various courses include Chinese Speaking and Listening Course, Chinese Writing Course, HSK preparation Course, Business Chinese Course. We also provide on-line course for students who are not convenient to come to school, as well as Enterprise Course which is custom-designed for enterprise employees and can be taken at clients’ office.

Mandarin Capital

Compare with University

University provide course with big class size which contains around 15-25 students, so that student can not have enough time to practice on the class. Besides, university course focus too much on writing and reading while speaking and listening become weak point.

Mandarin Capital provides private course and small group course which only have 2-5 students. There is plenty of time for students to have oral practice on the class. Besides, the textbook Mandarin Capital use focus on daily topics, thus student can use what they learn directly after class so that they can consolidate the learning contents.

Compare with other Chinese school in Hangzhou

Mandarin Capital has a professional teaching staff, in which all the teachers are graduated with a major of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and have taken a two month field training before they teach. Other Chinese schools in Hangzhou are usually a branch of English or other language institutes. And some of their teachers are English teachers in original or temporally employed.

Compare with outside tutors

Teachers in Mandarin Capital have a well-organized teaching system with a rich and comprehensive teaching experience. There is a teaching quality discussion held every week so that Mandarin Capital teachers would have on-going improvement with their teaching skills.

What students says

Hangzhou is known as "Heaven on Earth"

Hangzhou is a beautiful city, located in the Zhejiang province about 1 hour from Shanghai by train. It has abundant cultural heritages and natural beauty, Hangzhou is known as “Heaven on Earth” by the Chinese people. Hangzhou is famous for its lake and its love story. The night life in Hangzhou is also fun there are bars, karaoke or you can even go dancing.

I feel that I made the right choice in choosing Hangzhou. The weather here in Hangzhou is very good and there is very little pollution. In Hangzhou there are public bicycles that you can rent and travel around the city or you can travel easily in bus or by taxi cab. Mandarin Capital teachers are warm and welcoming and they will help you a lot in how to adapt to the city.

Teachers tailored their instruction to my goals

Teachers at Mandarin Capital are friendly and professional. My teachers tailored their instruction to my goals, emphasizing speaking, listening, reading and writing at different points during my study there. Classes also included fascinating information about Chinese culture and the Chinese people. I especially recommend MC classes to English teachers. Learning your own challenges in learning Chinese will help you be a better teacher to Chinese students learning English.

After 18 months of study, I left Hangzhou with the ability to read children's texts, carry on basic conversations with strangers and better understand the history and traditions of China.

Teachers bring liveliness to the school

As a first time visitor to China and a newbie to the Mandarin language, I was very unsure of what to expect for my experience at Mandarin Capital in Hangzhou. Mandarin Capital makes it convenient for students to have one on one interaction with teachers, something that I believe can be crucial to learning a new language.

The teachers are all so friendly and they each share a great sense of humor that brings liveliness to the school. Even though learning was initially strenuous and sometimes even frustrating, the teachers' patience and consistency helped me cope with the difficulty of the language.

Speaking practice lets us explain our thoughts in Chinese

Charlotte and I have really enjoyed our time in Hangzhou, our classes too, and 说实话(frankly speaking),they've been one of the highlights of our time here in Hangzhou! Well, we came to Mandarin Capital because it was recommended by other EF teachers as a good school.

We like the way the classes are run, in particular the speaking practice it gives us. We like trying to explain our thoughts in Chinese, and using the vocabulary we learn to build sentences. So really, speaking practice and correcting our grammar have been the most useful things.