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Our Teachers

All Mandarin Capital teachers hold a diploma in teaching Chinese to Foreigners, an International Teaching certificate.

Compare with other Chinese language training schools, Mandarin Capital is more willing to focus on teaching quality and student services. In order to improve the teaching quality, besides having a set of efficient and practical teaching models, we give top priority to the selection and training of teachers. As to the teachers’ appointment, Mandarin Capital insists on the following requirments:

  1. 1.

    Obtain level 2, Grade A Mandarin certificate or above, and TCFL certificate. Be proficient in a kind of foreign language (communicating freely is the basic requirement), have qualified teaching approaches, sufficiently prepare for the lessons, teach students in accordance with their personalities and their aptitudes. Teach students based on the teaching plan closely. What is most important is that teaching approaches and content must get the students' recognition.

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    Newly-employed Mandarin teachers are required to have 2-6 months’ pre-service training before the formal teaching assessment period. During the teaching assessment period, if teachers get the students’ 95% approval rate or above, they can be formally employed.

  3. 3.

    The students of Mandarin Capital have the right to choose and replace teachers. Each teacher should constantly reflect on his teaching method so as to improve the teaching quality.

  4. 4.

    Full-time teachers only and part-time teachers are never employed by Mandarin Capital. Besides the classroom teaching, Mandarin Capital the extracurricular interaction is also necessary.

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    The teaching director of Mandarin Capital will review and modify the teaching plan and also will keep track of the implementation of the teaching plan until classes end. The teaching director will communicate with the students regularly, and guarantee the results of each student's learning.

The teaching supervisor of Mandarin Capital will review and modify the teaching plan every teacher makes for his students, and also will track the execution of the teaching plan until the end of the students’ learning. The teaching director of Mandarin Capital will communicate with the students regularly, and ensure the effect of each student's learning in cooperation with the teaching supervisor.

Director of TeachingMa Ping , Doctor of contrastive linguistics

Dr. Ma

Ma Ping, Doctor of Teaching Russian As a Foreign Language -- Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language contrastive linguistics, professor, one of the first teachers to get the teaching certification in TCFL, graduate from Irkutsk State University. Engaged in TCFL for more than 20 years, teach for many years in the international economic language school of Irkutsk State University and Oriental languages department of State Linguistic University, in charge of the setting up of the Confucius institute of Irkutsk State University and become the deputy dean.

Participate in the international academic seminars for many times, issue nearly 40 academic papers, and publish several TCFL textbooks in Russian in cooperation with others. Some of the textbooks are used as the authoritative books in TCFL by many Russia universities, and are popular among students.

Win several TCFL outstanding teacher prizes issued by the education office of the Chinese embassy in Russia. During the teaching work in Russia universities, win consecutively for many years the best TCFL teacher awards of Irkutsk State University.

After returning to China in 2007, teach Chinese as a foreign language and carries out researches on it for three years in Capital Normal University of Beijing.

In 2010, join Mandarin Capital, work as the teaching supervisor of Mandarin Capital Hangzhou center, lead the teachers of Mandarin Capital to carry out research and finally issue the exclusively--used textbooks of Mandarin Capital such as the spoken Chinese, reading newspapers and learning Chinese, HSK pre-test breakthrough grade 3 to 5, etc. Responsible for the review and modification of the teaching plan and for the teaching track of the one-to-one teaching and small classes courses , in order to make sure that every student's teaching plan can be truly consistent with the actual situation of the student and to ensure that students can achieve expected learning goals within the prescribed time.

Co-Director of Teaching Lu Ping, Master of TCFL

Lu Ping

Lu Ping, Master of TCFL, engaged in TCFL since the graduation in 2006. From the initial teaching of the 20-people big class in international education school of Zhejiang university to the later 3/4-people small class teaching and the one-to-one private teaching, the students of Lu Ping come from more than 30 countries. And the number of the students amounts to above 400. These students' Chinese range from complete zero basis to advanced level, the learning purposes are also various. Some hope to improve listening and speaking skills, some hope to improve the reading and writing skills, others require to have the pre-HSK breakthrough-type training.

It is this teaching experience that helps Lu Ping accumulate rich teaching experience. In the teaching practice, in view of the different situations of the students, Lu Ping summarizes out a lot of unique and effective teaching methods, which often lets the students experience the sudden enlightenment in the learning process and enables the Chinese learning to become practical and effective.

After years of large classes, small classes and one-to-one teaching, Lu Ping thinks that one single teaching approach can’t have a good use in all the courses, and thus proposes that Mandarin Capital Hangzhou center should abandon the big class teaching, carry out the research and development of the targeted small classes and one-to-one teaching method, so as to make Hangzhou center to become the most foreigners-favorite teaching center in Hangzhou. Mandarin Capital has also become the only domestic institute that takes different classes settings and teaching modes in different campuses.

At present, Lu Ping is mainly engaged in the pre-service training of the teachers and supervision of every student's learning in Mandarin Capital. He supervises the teaching quality of the classroom teachers mainly through the communication with students and the testing of the student's Chinese language level.